Teaching Philosophy

I started teaching from our home while living in upstate NY roughly 15 years ago.  After working with different aged singers I found a  passion for helping others learn how to use and improve their vocal instrument. 

Over the years I’ve worked with many singers who are new to learning about their voices.  Particularly I enjoy working with older learners who’ve always wanted to sing but were either too intimidated or lacked the time.  

At several points in my career I too have worked with a voice teacher, most notably I've studied with Franco Spoto and not just in the role as a student.  Franco was also a kind and patient mentor when I first began teaching.

My teaching style combines technical instruction and coaching.  It's an outgrowth of my own professional training, performance experience and time spent on the ground as a teacher.   My goal as a voice coach is to help singers find a way to sing with freedom and to facilitate a process that encourages their natural abilities.  Each student receives individualized instruction to help them achieve a balanced singing voice.

What to expect at your lesson:

  • I use an electronic keyboard and an acoustic guitar 
  • Singers will develop good vocal function through songs
  • Use of guitar backing tracks and prerecorded songs

Skip & Gaynor during a lesson

Affiliations & Education: B.S. in Business & Communications / Associate Member - NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) / Member - BCAA (Boulder County Arts Alliance)