Students We Serve

Primarily I work with teens and adults focused on CCM (Contemporary Commercial Music) singing styles including but not limited to Jazz, Pop, Folk, Country, Rhythm & Blues & Bluegrass.

  1. Emerging Artists: Teens on a performance track (Musical Theater & All State Choir)
  2. Semi-Professional: Aspiring singers who are performing on a regular basis (solo/duo or with a group)
  3. Seasoned Performer: Professional recording/touring artists
  4. Avocational/Retiree: Novice 

More Student Testimonials


“...I had pretty much accepted that I was not, and would never be, a good singer. Nancy has helped me change all of that… It has been great fun to find the voice that I never thought I had!” —Todd


“Nancy Walker is a tremendously talented singer and teacher. Her emphasis on technique has helped me to develop as a musician and performer in ways I didn't think possible.” —Bianca


“…Nancy is very personable and puts me at ease during lessons…Her expertise and dedication are always evident. For example, she plans ahead what I should be working on in subsequent lessons and sends recordings to guide my practice.” —Jim


"She has helped me improve my tone, power and range, while first making sure I warm up so that I don't do damage to my voice. I recommend her whether you want to perform publicly or just enjoy singing for yourself.” —Joel

Jim working on a new song

Carlee in Frozen Jr.

Bianca layin it down